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Western PA towns:

Irwin, North Huntingdon, White Oak, Manor, Harrison City, Level Green, Trafford

Hello and Welcome!

  • XOXOPaws is here to ensure that each member of your fur family gets individualized care, loyalty, and love at all times even when you're at work, vacationing or you just need a helping hand. 
  • XOXOPaws allows you to rest assured that your babies are stimulated and comfortable. And the best part is, they maintain their normal routine and stay secure in their familiar environment. 
  • XOXOPaws is a proud member of the Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and follows their protocol to safeguard the health and welfare of pets and possessions that are under our care, custody and control. 



What We Do!



Drop in Potty Break 


Administer Meds

Overnight Stay

Yard Clean-up



Daily Visit & Playtime


Administer Meds

Overnight Stay

Litter Box Clean-up  


Home Services

Trash Pick-up

Water Plants/Flowers

Vacuum/Dust Living Space

Collect Mail

Change Lighting for Safety


Heard Around the Park

If you want your dog spoiled and treated with love and affection, Antonette's the girl. Sadie was not very good on a leash until Antonette started walking her in the park and now she's good as gold.         

Travis Potter - Travis Sound Productions

When you need a “pinch-hit pet parent,” I highly recommend Antonette. Antonette recently took wonderful, loving care of my two dogs when I was away. Thanks to Antonette’s dog-whispering ways, I could relax and enjoy myself on my trip. But better yet, my two dogs had a wonderful time with Antonette. She loved them and cared for them, just as I love them and care for them. That’s why I consider Antonette a “pinch-hit pet parent,” as opposed to a pet sitter. She’s the next best thing to mom!!!! Thank you, Antonette.

Sherri Adelkoff - Pittsburgh Attorney